About Us


Brickless Developers is a leader in monolithic concrete construction system in residential, multifamily and commercial properties. Established in 1990, Brickless has built more than 1,000 homes in different countries Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay to name a few. Brickless commitment to excellence continues to this very day delivering solid construction, beautiful designs and stunning interior styles. Brickless quality assurance means that a home is built to last thru an implementation of a rigorous quality process guarantees that each property is built and delivered to the highest building standards.

Cosmopolis Design Philosophy

Our homes are carefully designed to answer the needs and beauty of everyday living. Spaces are meticulously created with open spaces and flex ambiances to accommodate the demands of your family as years go by. Our homes are distinct from the rest especially in the quality of finishes and the optimization of interior spaces.

Beautiful and functional design at affordable price.

Our every day challenge embraces a passion to deliver solid built homes with functional interior spaces and aesthetic harmony at an  affordable price. Homes and communities are born with attention to every detail providing a low maintenance without sacrificing a comfortable and balance lifestyle.

Innovation Evolution in Design Innovation Evolution in Design

We thrive to continually innovate, evolve and improve our building technology, home designs,  and energy preservation features thanks to constant research and development responding to the needs of generations to follow.  

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